Saturday, October 30, 2010


The EVE is Here!! The so much wait for day is just a few hours away,Im so happy you came to my house is nice in here! Put your broom right there yes" Broom parking" I got the sign in Salem . I will tell my sisters in Salem have fun and tonight and tomorrow too! My friend Laurie is so busy these time of year ,just like any little witch!.Calling spirits , setting altars, attending party's around the country ,and broom flight's .
.The Goddess bless me in so many levels ,and one of those blessing is my baby ,today he is 11 years old. He was born the night before Halloween ,and that is part of the magic in my house .We celebrate all month of October his Birth day and All hallows eves too. The practical magic the we created together is amazing. We is my little wizard, who loves the holiday as much like I do,and loves and is proud that his Mom is Witch!
The house will be haunted tomorrow( always is) but he will be in charge of hiding and spooking other little ones! and giving candy's that is the best part!But tonight he is with his friends and Mom's at a witch party! calling my ancestors and giving them tea! you're welcome!. And thanks for being part of my yearly tea party! Andrea's Essex Party will continue until tomorrow past midnight.So leave your offering food for you ancestors outside or at your altar, bring a nice candle and tell them how much you care for them.They can come to your response and drink the tea,maybe they will answer a prayer!. Just walk outside breath the fresh air of the night and listen to what they have to me close your eyes vision your Great ma, or a friend, feel the air the cold breeze and enjoy your moment with them...

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