Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain rain !!

I love these weather, is raining and cozy at home, the perfect day for a big pot of soup! Yum. My garden is so happy with all these water pouring down from heavens.Do to be a Good witch, I most tent my garden! and bless my herbs then cut some to put in my soup.Is so much to do these days ,but it is the best time to do those things,pumpkin pie,warm witches soups,bread for the dead,house decor!1 and grave yards to dig!.These is when I enjoy even more to read "The mist of Avalon" and be my self the Lady of the lake!! Her knowledge and the use of it is inspiring.Love the part on the movie when she cuts the mist and there,there is Avalon!Waiting for the Goddess and High priestess. the magic of the island,was never taken for granted .And so even on any day I transfer myself there,at the Magical Island.The place where every force evolve from the Divine! Yeah that is my Samhain in every way, every day. We can all go and be in Avalon serving our Goddess,chanting her songs and planting with our hands our magic garden. My creations are always stronger when I put Avalon here with me.I m enjoying my soup and saying thank you Goddess for the art of cooking and make my big cauldron bubble and bubble. And so that is done like magic, now is time for the Pumpkin pie.But I will look for an ancient recipe, that maybe makes the dead rise... and have tea with me and talk about the good all times.Wish the Spirits sit long enough so i can fell them talking to me.And tell a story or two ...Grandma is that you... I knew you will be here these week, have a sit ,we have so much to talk...


  1. Just a note to say that I enjoyed your tea and your loving spirits that came as well. Oh That church! did you buy it? And what wondrous neighbors to have in the yard. Could get very good advise if needed from the dead there...:), so also am following your blog too! what fun this is to blog, Im # 4. Do come by and sit a spell and tea with me too, would love to have you.
    And I agree about the rain, we had a most powerful strom here in in the North West. Wind, and so much rain in one night it filled our winter pond!!! WOW

  2. Hi Wendy Thanks for stopping by.I went to your house flying in my broom! your tea was good! and the cookies too!. Can wait to see you in Halloween! The church I got it from my friend Annie, from her blog! she is having a party for the ancestors!
    check her blog too, deepestwell.bolgspot
    see you soon!!Andrea.