Wednesday, October 27, 2010


For some people owls are just a pest, for me Im just like Harry Potter, they are my messengers, always up at night keeping an eye open while I m sleeping! My House is the freak house at my neighborhood , I remember one night I got home to find at lot of neighbors sitting on my front sidewalk looking at " My owls".My smart kids where saying: Mom we should sell lemonade and make some money from them" fanny kids ha ! So back to the night .That is a regular night for me ,my public viewers sitting there amaze at the screech of the owls! Big deal I though I hear that every night.But one of the spectators came to me and ask: 'Why is only at your house that theses owls hang about? that is interesting,well I said I like them and they like me, I said , So she said I can like them too and they will come to my house? well.. is more like an energy field I told her ,I created these circle of energy and they follow me.She never look at me after that day. I wonder why?
In the mean time many years that I live here many little owls are born at my roof, we listen to them ,we keep on the stage of how old the owls are and, how long they will stay with mom and Pa .My family is the Owl Pro know it all,some others are trying to bring them around to get read of mice, I don't have any mice it all ,they don't like artificial grass,oh but my Owls love my family and my kids the talk to me and scream at me some times about why with the fake grass and so. they can bitch too. Tonight they are right on top of my computer room, I always told my kids the owls dance the cha- cha ,so the kids will said sometimes ' Mom they are dancing the cha-cha again.Some nights they just crazy and flip those wings and screech and fuss ,that means is dinner time and they got something. One day a neighbor came to my house and told my husband that "our owls ate her cat" how and wow !!? I said , I don't know but I guess my owls are so strong to take a cat away ,I don't think so.But when the little ones are in training is fun to watch and that is what makes people to come and stair at my house (Sally Owens house ) so the try to fly but is really low, and keep an eye up, you may end up with a rat at your head. We have to clean up for them , mouse beetles haft way eating ,not nice!!. But they are so magical the are part of my energy and scream at me even when I can't see then. They are call the silent fly t , you only see them but can't hear their wings ,just like a Halloween night in a movie that is my house any night of the year!. Please come and sit with me and have some Midnight margaritas ,they will sing for as , and fly around . Tonight they where so cute I went out and Mom and Papa where right on top of my roof and with those big eyes looking down at me,so I say " hi mama ,hi papa" they did their magical swim up in the air together and the both screech " Happy Halloween!! Love my magical house! And still some people don't believe on witches, you can always know.Just ask her about her owls!!

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