Thursday, October 14, 2010

Witchy Art

Today I m in the mood for some paint. So I start to collect all my paint brushes and art supply to find out, how Rude our kids can be; yes they use every thing but they wont clean it up. All my good brushes are hard and full of old paint. Would that stop me from my art ,no way ,no how, I clean them up and start my new project. I m on the process of a nice art piece.thank Goddess we got art media .I m pasting ,printing ,painting ,all in my canvas!! and enjoying these windy day. All Hallows eve is not here yet ,but I m planning a lot of good things . My friends on my blog are inspiring me about my all time favorite movie" Practical Magic" A good thing to practice is to be practical. Took me 40 years to get there and I m loving it!! . I practice my art my " Craft" my spells and snap ; that is what Mary Poppins said; snap and the magic is there. So I m in the practical magic space . Yes it will be a Party!!! And of course will be on Magick!! What else is on life ,if We don't ad the finishing touches to our world... So here is from me to you !! GEt busyyyy and do your art ,color your life and enjoy it too!! Have a happy nite you all ... until tomorrow.

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