Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting there!!

Halloween should be a all year round holiday!!. I need more days to play with my broom. I went to Salem ,two weeks ago( yeah I will post my pictures too) and I got these cute cute sign " Broom Parking" and it has the witches shoes hanging on the side.So I got my specials broom's next to it.I use my broom's all the time,sometimes emergency flits come up!! you never know!Lots of meetings with my sistas of magic! Today I decide to start my flight with my Hair. So is Orange and Black of course! what else but those 2 colors on this month.My Altar is flickering lights of the spirits that are passing by. Yeah but I got my Guardian spirits that only let the nice ones in!! Full moon is next week, so is easy to see the shadows of them at nite! LAst nite they woke me up around Midnght ,so ask " what ,what? Im sleeping!! So I listen, came downstairs and found the worry thing about my Guardian,I left a candle burning and forgot all about that !! So I put it out and say;thank you, thank you!!
We all need our good spirits to be there in every moment,I call them constantly and is not a Halloween thing is a " Witch thing" .May you call you own spirits tonight to bring calm and peace and protection to you and all in your home .

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