Tuesday, October 19, 2010

witch bottles!

Is a witch day with all these beautiful rain!! Blessings to our Earth and air! Cleaning our environment ,is a cleansing rain.Don't we wash our cloth and make it fresh just as our house. Mother Earth Gaia know more them us; So there she is cleaning and washing the bad vibes! just in time for our favorite day!Samhain! Is the only night the we witches can fly.And of course only members of THE Black Hat Society. thank Goddess! I just renew my membership! Not easy to get.Select members only!!
So in order to get my rituals for my Samhain I make Witches bottles today:0 Im trying to catch a frog with these rain> So my bottles are something special ,my youngest kids is such a wizard ! he make the best bloodiest things ever,we fill our Altar #13(,we got a few around the house). we got a stack on mugwort, dead man toes,Valerian root,and my favorite Devils shoe strings!! Just to keep enemys far( they know better) So after we got our bottles well label and next to my voodoo dolls ,we ask the Goddess of rain to bless us .After that we bake cookies for the dead and live friends too! I just love these whether. Why so many people think these is a bad whether,well they got it all wrong. Hot whether and sunny is not so good for " Faeries,witches, werewolf's, vampires, and humans !! Yeap humans : Dry out the skin , make you older ,tired ,skin cancer HELL is all bad news ,so let's get it clear , Please pray for rain!! And keep our planet a little be Greener! for once.And enjoy it ! these won't last. Ok my friends ! I got more spells to prepare before midnight ,there is a nasty spirit around that Im going to get!!!!

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