Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full moon!!

Harvest Moon,The moon before the dark,hunter's moon,those are the names of these magical full moon today!! Tonight we will see her shining and smiling ,showing her grand splendor ! Oh how magnificent she is. And the secrets the she keeps. Tonight is the Halloween moon! Yes , one more week of celebration, I start my holiday in the entire month of October , the air is fresh and crisp! and there is lots of things to get done. Lots of spells to write, lots of friends readings to do, but most important ,to reconnect with the ones already transform in spiritual beings.One of my spiritual mentors pass a few years ago,I miss her a lot, the good ones dye young .True, and sad! So I always reconnect with her and know how happy she is at her new place her new spiritual life.They get a new call a new journey ,and we should accept it,may not an easy thing but is the reality of life.
But enough of sad things ,so every time a crow comes to sing his song around it may be a message from our friend, I get them all the time.So I keep offering to them food and wine,fruits and tea!!! So put a cup of tea for any of your love ones ,if is a cat put some warm milk outside tonight, some one will drink it! trust me. And if is dog put some treats too!! I got some of my pets pictures at my altar,so cute to see them in our happy days. I will be flying my broom tonight to visit a few friends tonight, look up at the full moon and who knows you may see me or one of my sistas flying in front of the moon! There is ball for our family and friends tonight ,would you like to join me? See you there...Andrea.

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