Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeling the Halloween times coming!! the mist at night are here ,the air is cold! And thing go pump at night.The spirits are here to visit us.The love ones come back just to said "HI' for one night .
I welcome my love ones from many past times and my beloved dogs " Shadow and Ally" my faithful partners ,share walks and belly rubs ! ! aah I miss them all the time!
my all hallows eve altar is ready today for them, I welcome them and honor our path! My kids honor their Grandpa! who we still miss so much after all these years! So there is our only day when the doors are open for them to come " Halloween".
During these weeks I give offerings of food and water! wine and bread to carry their souls ! Spirits don't need food just like any God or Goddess ,but is our way to show our love to them,and they receive it with open arms. Is the time to say " I hope we will see you again ,when we will cross the gate! But just in case let us stay here for a little longer! And after that ,Blessed Be!!

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