Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Happy Imbolc my dear friends! today is our Goddess Brigid's day! . Today is a beautiful day, cold for us is 50sih , sunny and lovely for a walk, so me and my two assistants" Romeo and Abby" went for a walk. On our way we cross with so many little caterpillars, they where so busy , busy, going somewhere in a rush all of them ! their little feet were so fast going ,going.We are so bless to have our canyon here. So we did a different routine these day in honor of Imbolc! We start at another end, so kind of backwards but moving forward! Is just a way to not get in the same circle of doing the same thing all the time. In our canyon there different energy's, some are just spirits, ancestors who are keeping an eye on the Forrest, they say the Forrest got eyes, well here they got forms too, body's ,hands and bushy hair too, some trees even seam to have legs.Some others parts in the park have energy of the Goddess around the water, and there is Faerie energy as well , and today we went to fairy land !! .The dogs get so excited sniffing all around, smells like rabbits and squirrels they said !! Sniff sniff some more. The wind today is different is coming from all four corners! So we went to the water, to say hello to the Faeries that have a house their!!. So we say " Hello" the wind blows!, " hi faeries" more wind!!, Romeos ears are up!! he gets a little scare! poor little boy , I told him don't be afraid of the fairies, they are our helpers!! The water is still running good from all the rain we have these last month. Their is lots of trees at the canyon , one of those in particular is leaning to the water! looks like some one has being on the tree for a while, just resting there, listening to who may come! I get chills, is really a spot that got energy! I bless the earth ! I call the faeries to bless us today on Imbolc! There is someone walking on the leafs , you can hear it ! but no one is there, " Blessing to the Earth, the Goddess has given these land so we can take care of her and she will take care of us!! More wind!! Doggies are listening, Abby wants to get closer to the water! I know she is not happy with the wind! My hair is all over my face ,is hard to see! More leafs moving! no one is there! just my dogs and I, and all these sacred ground, an touch , just nature grows and take care of itself! The Goddess makes every thing grow in the there. The trails are still clean , even if winter is still here, some times the weeds close every thing. I'm ready to get back, so we say " Thanks " to the trees ,thanks to the water, the faeries! the wind! , is peaceful now , no more noises, I say good bye to the tree that is looking at me, is the forest! , so me and my little companions said " Goddess we will meet you at home" .So we are back and will do more rituals at home , i will add more food at my altar, burn some candles and put some crystals around. Is good to be witch and to noticed every thing ,our practice is as daily ,like the air we take, as the food we eat!Is our seasons reconnecting us with our goddess , is our body receiving her blessings opening to give and receive her on these day of hers!So, let us honor the Great Mother, the Queen of Heaven. May we be open to her many gifts of inspiration in this season of renewal. ! Have a beautiful Brigid's day" .


  1. Imbolc blessings to you - sounds like you had a lovely day!

  2. Thanks Rue!! I did ! I hope I win your book!!!