Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today we are having some Magickal whether, It was sunny in the morning feeling good then about 1pm some dark clouds just show up and stay there all day!. I love clouds and mystical rains.And you know, people in California with one day of rain , mist or clouds they all freak out and call it a bad day! But I just think is the perfect time for spell's ,and blessings. To connect with my beautiful Goddess and burn some nice candles and incense !. Well today it didn't rain but the energy was so perfect, cools off people and calm those crazy ones out there! I have a big window at work and I can see the effect the whether creates on people, sometimes too hot makes them cranky ,too cold they get scare like a trap mouse .And if it is just right ,they get out there cages and smile and talk to strangers!! Get a pedicure or just a walk out in the park! It is a Bliss!! and I love to see the wind-Magick! Just like Mary Poppins ,she came on a windy day because wind it is the source for " things are going to change".So today I decide is time to get warm!no just with a sweater, but internal with good toughs! warmly feelings for all my friends and family,my sister have being sick for the last couple days and kind of tired from not getting the house that she was trying to buy. So I told her That I will give her Ganesha !!,because she is that one that remove obstacles .And she did so much for me. So I give her my perpetual faithful Ganesha, she did at lot of obstacle removing for me in the past and even today. I learn to get out of my own way!!Big lesson for me. So back to the good thinking! And kind of funny how just like that! I got some instant good karma ,someone at work give a shoulder massage and pour some aromatherapy oil on me, HUM-MM !!! That was good ,them I went out for coffee since it was so cold and need some yummy warm drink.After I order the coffee ,The Barista ,ask me " Would you like some free drinks? I say Yes of course !! and got 4 FREE lattes! from the coffeehouse, So I ask 'Why" And said they where trying out a new coffee ,wow!! I took all those free coffees Give more tip for the guys !! and brought it to my friends at work, and all of us got warm and happy!!!. It is funny how our own Magick works so fast!!! So I do hope My Ganesha helps my sister too ! So Blessings , Candles ,Goddesses ,Gods and Good toughs!! brings more for all of us!! Blessed be my friends, I'm sending you my warmly feelings to you too. Andrea