Thursday, November 4, 2010

Car Blessings!

I m today just sad , just because I think too much. These is my daughters last year in high school ,she is a senior .Sad to think how I can manege to not have my little girl around me! I even cry just to think about was in not here yet!, Yea sounds silly but as a Mom they are always our baby's. I m shaking my magic wand for some advise" tell me ,tell me" will I be Ok ,I know she will be fine. I sage her car the other night ,something I do from time to time,Ask the Goddess to protect her all the time and Yes!! The Goddess have being our savior . Last month Ashley was volunteering for some Homeless church. She was there every evening feeding people,that was require as a college application.The idea of her driving so far was scary for me ,but she is really self secure ,smart little girl ,so just like that she was going, I burn candles asking for protection every night when she was out. One evening she call me ,I new right away something was not rigth, she got in a an accident on the freeway, crash her car on the wall couple of times her air bag went out and she was fine,scare but fine, she call the police first; them me; I have to ground my little girl and tell her "honey just breath just breath you are ok ,thank Goddess you are OK ". Her car was a total lost damage ,but she was fine who care's about car's .That night after her Dad got her from the hospital ,regular check-up they say,Then we both cry for what she experience, the images in her mind was so vivid that keep her up all night and I was there for her. So that is my worry when she will be gone ,will she be ok , can I just go there when she needs me. I can go all day with my crying thing. So I just keep saying thank you thank you!! Ashley has Great!!Karma she walk away in a accident thanks to Divine helpers! Call them angels, faeries, companions, grandpa , and all those spiritual beings that are always there when we need them the most ,So Today and every day I m thankful .
I will keep sagging her car and my car and my husband's car is a good ritual to do every full moon! And keep and incense stick in your car with all these heat will the aroma stay there and be a reminder of the blessings we get every day! And recognized it! . When was the last time we even though about that.Girl!!! Shake your magick wand and touch your car and bless it,that is the best Car insurance on the planet!!! Blessed Be ,Andrea.

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