Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being a witch!

Thanks Aine for my new" witch of the week" .I will be asking all my new friends for your ornaments. Just become a "follower" so I can have your name and blog connected to my ,them send me a email at There will be in my contacts and send your address ( secret) .I still got a few left, tell a friend to tell a friend,grab your broom and lets move some magic. I m planning to keep doing something fun again in the next months .
Is always nice to have little sisters visiting and please park your broom under that tree!! keep the pointy shoes on, we will have some hot cider and some goodies!!.

The weather is perfect to do a spell!! Cold cloudy ,love it .I probably will sew some more ,you can not believe how cute the ornaments are looking. I have to hurry up and send them these week.Blessed be .


  1. Congratulations on being Witch of the Week! Your ornamens look fantastic!

  2. Thanks Lyn !!I still got one for you! Send me your info at my email!!