Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spell me !!Please ...

The day are getting so short now,is 5;30 and is already night here in California.I'm so cold but I ma enjoying the weather!! The holiday will be here so soon. I have being busy in so many levels, My practice of magick is daily,my work to pay my bills( Doing Hair) . And doing my art of course (finishing the ornaments).
All is at same time is one thing ,yes is all part of me in my world, my vision and my reality.
Aine on her Blog talk about spell work.We can go for days and talk about these special subject. Being a "Practical witch" we need to practice these ,is part of who we are is the" Witch way".

Witch way!! ,yes !,is our way or no way right that is how I use to thing at the beginning of my journey,until years of hitting the same rock on the same toe ,and all the pain I got for not paying attention! .Fanny how hard we have to get to ourselves, sometimes to really get it
But is part of all the unfolding proses.
Spells ,Some people always ask me ,: if somebody do some thing to you, how do you react?,do you put a spell on them ? or a curse. Them I have to tell them about the " Do not harm none" .And them some will say " Oh if I will be a witch man!! they will get it" . I like to teach people spells of love. They work so good for any body and that will keep them so busy enjoying the good things and no time to do harm to any one.
I got a story: A few years ago I have a great friend at work, we have kids the same age did the same things together, until one day she marry a guy from a Online site that she meet , and she was crazy about him, so fast the I could believe it. Well we didn't get alone anymore, I didn't like her new Man and the things around her life where just not good. Well we finish our friendship in not a good way.(She did) , So OK the terrible part was the "Harm" she wants to create for me. So I Send her so much love and happiness from her husband, I send her lots of success ,that way she will forget about me and stop giving me troubles and get busy in her own life . So it did the spell work ,she was gone ,out of my life and happy. From time to time I will get some news from her from a common friend and will tell me how well she was doing. I was happy for her and for me.
Now after so many years I just hear she is back single and was asking " how I was doing" to a friend, she send me her love. That is the best spell I have done !.Blessed them and let them go.

So I keep practicing my craft ,like a good witch,some times I don't need to do any spell ,so I call my friends and check on them,their is always some one in need of o good "witch".
So I would love to hear from your spell works. How you did ,did you have fun and most important, did make someone happy? Blessed be my friends!. And If you( you know who) forget to send me you address your ornament is ready!


  1. What a great way to solve that problem!

    Just checking to be sure that I'm not "you know who" and that you got my address!

  2. Hi Aiene ,Really cute,no I got your address !! Thanks for checking in.See you at your blog!