Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Altars !!That is my favorite thing!! I feel like a dog! a walk in the park my favorite thing, back rub! my favorite thing, Altar cloth my favorite thing . Well Altars have so much from us in there ,is like our home made soup.We blend all those magical ingredients and no matter what it comes out, is what we need. I start back with embroidery over 10 year ago creating and reclaiming my creativity and spirituality.The best form for me is the fabrics!! Being an Embroidery artist that was so perfect for me. Fabric is such spiritual form,the collecting them, creating and transforming a piece of cloth in to a" holy altar cloth" . So before I new I got some clients where asking me for them ,to see it touch them,them Christmas came , and all of them want one, and that was my first sale!!! I sold spiritual cloths . Some of my clients ask for Goddesses like mine, some will say do you have Buddha, so I make some with Buddha, some Egyptians or Asian , Some got different symbols,pagans ,Jews, or even Christians. Others for different petition, marriage blessings, divorces, health, business abundance!!! I made it all. So I want to share some with all of you. I still make them ,any size any form any prayer. What ever we need I can transform it with fabric ,stitches and prayers!! .
But here is a story for you about my art: We got a " witches store" here in town , took me like a year to get a meeting with their owner (not a pagan) funny haha, so he order some, I was so happy to finally be in my favorite witches store!! " Lady of the lake" . So after the purchase was done I stop to see my art hanging or maybe on a altar!! No they where not any where ;SO ask the employee" what is going on ? He said the owner didn't want to put them as "Altar cloth" ?? OK not my business but, yes is my magic in there,and being at show. So finally they sold them all ,with my signature and all that blink blink!!. I don't sell him any more my art ,If he don't understand how spiritual these is for us he can keep going with made in china prints on fabric. So here is one for you my friends , These Buddha is now in some one!! special home receiving candles ,incense and blessing their home every day.Ask me if you would like one too for yule or any other pagan celebration!! Blessed be. Andrea.


  1. Ooh, I'd love to see some pictures of these cloths! Do you think you can post a few?

  2. Thanks Aine I'm trying to download more of my work, the one on the picture is longer and has Buddha under the OM .