Monday, November 1, 2010

Dia de los muertos!

Yes we still got one more day to celebrate, In Costa Rica we don't Halloween we have dia de los muertos .My mom use to sell Coronas para los muertos. She was so talented and the entire little town,they all make sure to order the flowers from her with plenty of time .She was book! and my part was any paper the hit the floor was my, so I was under the table cutting paper crepe and doing little flowers for my dead pets.My sister and I got our pet cemetery. And we keep it cute and with flowers all year round.We move to another house so all our pets stay there, of course,how sad but we build a new one after the rabbit die, and them a cat ,another kitty ! so before we new: here is another pet cemetery!I always tell my kids the things i did as a kid ,but it was in another land far far away with plenty of land for kids and pets to play.We did celebete dia de los muertos and I always hid under the covers. My mom use to tell us; the dead will come as a light on the night and the just creepy me out . For one thing the people cemetery was just behind our house,and it was a port for souls to come and go.I survive my own child hood by a miracle ! Those days is was funeral almost every day and me and my sister never miss one . We even cut flowers for the newly dead ,no didn't new them ,but we knew "told by my mom" the new dead people will love to have flowers around.
So I don't have pet cemetery at home, the city won't be happy with me .And all my pets have being big dogs ,so just can't do the same,but I keep their ashes and lit a candle for them ,and give them some food and maybe a dog treat.
I got only an Owl bear in my back yard ,he was one of the magickal ones!! He got kill one night ,never knew how or who did such terrible thing , he was found by some neighbors who believe every owl in the planet it belongs to me,so they call me to pick him up.That was the saddest thing ! So took him and give him my love and tears! and did a beautiful funeral ritual with one of my friends. we send him blessings and told to keep an eye on the rest of the pack!. He is still there with a stone and date ! It will be 2 years next month ! So I m still here building on my own little pet cemetery's for real.Blessings to all our dead pets and I hope nobody will ever shoot one of my owls! Lovingly peace to them,Andrea.


  1. Oh, I am happy I came across your wonderful blog!
    Blessings for a bright and happy November!

  2. Hi Laurie! Thanks for stooping by, Blessings to you too!