Friday, February 4, 2011

Watching the Wheels with Lyrics and Pictures

Talking today with a good friend , and noticing our lives!! how much we change ! Change is daily whether we like it or not ,here it comes!.can't not be stop or tell the time! come back later! so many things have being writing about " time" . It never stops ! keeps coming and coming , even if we are running late. So my friend was singing a song about that! So I m today looking for it of course in youtuve!! Thank Goddess we got so much help on line these days! just tough it will be perfect! When people ask me what is new with me and I said " nothing" !! They look at me like if I'm from out space. The true part is I was always in some kind of drama alllll the time. And I got tired of all that, so the is when I went " SOLO' no more witches meetings , no more coven, it was interesting at the time, but it was lots of others energy's too. And it got to the point the I need to take a decision and I did. The Goddess give me her help and I jump! so when they ask me about them ; I tell " I don't know where they are". Sure is quiet around here! some days I miss them , some days not . My life is calm because I choose that! So right now I'm on a mental vacation! taking my time to see where is important to put my energy.So here is the song that spoke to me , so perfect for where I m, today...John Lennon and his song; Watching the wheels... going around. Maybe one day I will figure out every thing , but by them I will be what 80. So I got plenty of time to just be a solo practitioner!! But I'm not the solo any more, I found my new witches here in all your guys blogs!! Bless you all for your ideas and good writings !!


  1. You know I have never really listened to the words of this song and it really rings true for so much in life. Awesome post and thank you for opening my mind up to this song.

    Many smiles and blessings!!

  2. And thanks to my friend who sing it to me today! It says so much of the real thing!!Blessings to you too!