Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Garden of witches!

I'm my Goddess research and to be an active artist I try to channel my creativity in so many forms. The days that are sunny are my easy way to the Goddess garden! on rainy days like today ! is sometimes a little be hard! All day I try to get there even for a second! Well in good intentions I went to get "new Pruning shears" for my plants ! I tough that will be nice for them. A soft cut and a prayer will make all things grow even better! So I got two new and sharp shears! ready to clip, clip!

Time plays games in my universe! The doing and doing of every day can take ALL day! The rainy days remind me of my childhood! I do love these days ! I know how much will make my garden grow and now all my rose are prune and ready to start fresh again!rain what a beautiful thing , blessings from our Goddess so above so below! water is up and down!
I have my big container out there ready to collect some water spell!water that I will use to clean my Crystals , Goddesses and any special tool that I used! Most be clean up to put away.

I took some time yesterday to check for Garden things! cute and maybe faeries or Gnomes for my son. Nothing!! it is almost spring and they don't have that much selection! Oh well them get candles! never enough things to burn. I got some 'fake spring flowers " so I can wrap around one of my Goddess outside! . Well that was a good idea , but I need more wisterias!! A trip to Michael s can be so much fun when we have an idea! or even if I don't ! the place get me inspire! So now have to get more Wisteria, that is another good reason to go back , and get more things!

Being playful is the only thing that can keep my spirit alive ! detailing my life in the " witchy way", The Faerie way!, The artist way!! And my way or no way!! I like that , so to keep moving and chanting my goddess song's I must created!! If I'm creating I'm in touch with my source , my soul , my spirit.That is my way to communicate with my inner witch!To pray out there to talk ! to Ask and to listen with my mind! And not even listen what my mind said! too. I always feel at " holy place" at my garden , reconnect me to good memories! To Great books that I read! :"Garden spells" ,Secret life of bees" , planting prayers under a rock ! Oh I love that book!I need to find another good just like those! Or Anne Rice with her garden in new Orleans ! Those greens and mysterious trees ! They can make you feel "Lasher" is there! Watching you! waiting to talk to me!.

The Communion in a sacred space is always energy! Here in San Diego we got these amazing place call " Meditation garden" is so beautiful . Is up on a hill the over see the ocean! the view is the most incredible thing! people comes from all over the world and retreat in there to heal their body and soul! The coy fish are so big! the river that runs threw it is so calming! You can find offerings all over the place, is a good refreshing garden! So many prayer are done in there ! that is why all flowers grow so powerful ! to remind us to keep up with our Goddess prayers ! To burn another candle! to just keep blessing all things around us!

So here are some of my pictures from the garden !Will hope you like them! I'm planning to go out there at night and take some more! So maybe we can see things flying around! . Tomorrow we will have some rain! is all good for me , the planet needs it and so do I . And those weeds that I pull all the time will grow overnight too! Blessed be!

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