Wednesday, February 9, 2011

La isla !

I was 6 years old when my Dad bought a part of land in an Island!. Every weekend we went there. Life was hard for my parents so they got the Island to feed their kids, so that it is the beginning of many years of hard work. Every thing we eat come from our little farm, plantains , yucca, lemon,green beans, eggplants, and of course our daily rice was from there! I witness the things that take to make something grow. My brother was the oldest and the only man , then me and my sister , we where the grew of my Dad's farm and my loving Mom. I was the baby! so and kind of wimpy, and that keep me of the field! the rice plantation was the worst! if you walk by the grass ,it can cut your skin pretty good! So no thanks. But not every thing was work ,of course we play and learn lots of things , their was no electricity and no TV so will spend time outside, watching the night and talking about all kinds of things! And scary things too, and imaging that ! I learn so much about witches! no wonder I m here as one!. My Grandma come over one weekend with us to the Island and told us so many story's about her childhood, those where even harder years for sure. The weekend she came , all the kids me and cousins galore! got so freak out,she talk all about hunting women that could shape shift and follow their man wherever they go. I swear that night we all can hear those things out there in the night. Rumbling sounds, dry leafs , lizard's running, owls calling out!! My Dad always said to listen to nature!! hell that is how we all got in so much trouble and we couldn't sleep for days!! for listening to all those screaming things out there!!
The Island got her energy , peaceful, quiet, listening what you say, the place got eyes and ears!! Magical, so magical, i got still so much memory's about , I can write books about all those days and nights!! The peolpe from there where just the most simple people,they didn't have much and they didn't care if they didn't . These where kind of native peolpe, they smoke and plant their own tobacco make their own Moon shine!! ,my Dad told us that these people was the laziest ever on the planet! We didn't care of any of that , my sister and I learn so much with those kids around,we hunt for any thing that was edible, from sea from land, learn to eat out there from every plants! even one day they where making soap!!These family where the keepers of my dads land!! So we will stay all weekend and they will share their life's with us! that was so much fun, I new all my Dad and Mom life's but these ones where new and different then us, they believe on the little people!!! They just didn't just believe they respect them !!!, they got scars done by those little people" Duendes" is that Spanish name !! pitufos or smurfs, gnomes, all those were in the same family.The Mom of those kids in our Island didn't have feet . Why? the little people was trying to take her away! , Carmen was her name! Miss Carmela, we used to call her ,nice lady , totally native Indian, chorotega tribe! . With her braids done every morning and drinking coffe and smoking like a chimmey!! that is waht I remenber of her!!
Carmen's legs got burned when she was just a baby, like most native Indian they use to put a fire on the center of their ranch!! she said the little people took baby's away from their parents .Creepy!!! So when she was abut two weeks old ! her parents found her burning her little tiny feet on their fire! no one ever new how? just new born could roll or move several feet away to get intro the fire! The Indians believe the her guardians came and liberate her from them, so she was safe . Carmen was really sick, they call witch doctors to help her , a few from other towns came too, nobody could help her ,they all try their herbs and medicines !Little baby Carmela was going to die! so they call all their tribe , and they got the funeral ready to go that night!the Tribe , the healers all of them pray for her soul that night all night they pray and drink! , she didn't die the night or the next one or the next one! She survive and her burn scares got heal! all done by her healers or witch doctor!! Carmen got to be an old lady!! And a grand ma too, she told us how to respect the earth to bless it every day !! She will cook in her wood fire just like her people did, even if she didn't have to ,she did!! It was her respect, her roots, the spirits the took care of her !!Carmen was so good telling us about her life and describing those days. she told us the little people have their feet opposite of us, she said she still see things on her dreams!We have it going front, theirs is kind of back ! The Island got so many secrets, some I never forget , some still are secrets there! I haven't being there for a few years now maybe some 20 years , is all jungle up with mangrove ! I will talk some more of her magic another night! Blessed be my little Island Call" Isla Damas" To me my Avalon! !

Here some adds from Wikipedia so you can see !!!
;Isla Damas, or Damas Island, is a small (6 km²) island in Costa Rica in the vicinity of Quepos. It is particularly noted for its estuaries lined with mangroves. Fauna on the island include white-faced monkeys, sloths, green iguanas, crocodiles, spectacled caimans, boas, crab-eating raccoons and silky anteaters, as well as crabs and numerous bird species. Boat and kayak tours through the island's estuaries are popular excursions with tourists staying in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio and occsionally Jaco areas.

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