Monday, February 7, 2011

Witch Garden!

So is summer yet? I hope so!! today here in San Diego feels like if Sunny summer is here! And I like that ! it feels like is a faerie day! Do they have a special day? The poor things , they need their holiday too. I would like that if i was one of them. And I'm here looking these warm day we are having , it hit the 90's man !! the is a treat, don't worry it won't last , it will be back to be cold 50's again. And today I can feel s all those buzzing sounds at my garden!!, I read the book call' the probably future"by Alice Hoffman a while ago, and it just so peaceful to have a garden, and the best ones are those witches garden's! . She said in her book so many cute things about garden's. she said that we most have red geraniums for protection! and lost of bees buzzing around, here today their is a party going on at mine!!Buzz buzz I bet miss Alice has the most beautiful garden, and witchy too!! My is really witchy !! so witchy that my next door neighbor, built a few years ago a TALL wall between us!! Haha funny I didn't mind it all, she didn't ask to go half and half with money, like some neighbor's do, and the best part is my garden looks even better with that wall!!."The Goddess garden" is also a faerie garden , my son is in charge of Faeries and gnomes! that is so cute, of course I have to clean those weeds , but look how beautiful my front garden grows !!!! The Goddess in welcoming and guarding us all at the same time!

In these beautiful day all I can think is ; Gardening, faeries,more decor in my garden and more herbs . More magic ,more herbs to cut under the full moon,and the sage the is growing so tall will be ready to bloom in a few weeks too.I like to burn sage like a good little witch but I use in my insomnia mix , these is my own version , so if doesn't work for you , blame your own witch powers!


Get the cutest bottle ever for these!! or an vintage one , it will work best!!

Under the Full moon, midnight!! that is my perfect time too.

Cut your following herbs, with a clean cut and give thanks to the spirit of the plant for giving leafs to you!! SAGE, ROSEMARY, RUE, LAVENDER, MINT,a GERANIUM leaf,( red) ,ROSE PETALS!!
Once you cut all you herbs in a cute little witches basket!!! Wearing black!!

take them and place inside the Vintage bottle, cover the herbs with, Alcohol, or if you want to get fancy get some " Grey Goose', Just remember the is for external use only!!!
My bottle even got a skull print on the outside! just in case some one decide to try it!
Place all your ingredients!! bless your bottle! Keep it on your altar for seven nights and seven days, shake it every night.the longer you leave it there the better it gets , a month will be perfect!! from one full moon to the next!! Voila !!! Bum!!! your potion is ready, I use on my kids growing pains ,works like a charm!! I use it on my sore body after my crazy yoga, and the best remedy for insomnia!! put it on your neck, feels cold and good and it wont stain your bed or pajamas.You will sleep like in a spell!!! Any questions??? OK just go and get your witches supply's and the best of all is the fun ritual when we are out there in the middle of the night, and your neighbor is watching from behind the curtain!! I like to sing to the Goddess as I walk around !! Recipe from... The witch Garden!!! Blessed be!! Have a great spell day!!


  1. thanks for the recipe! I love your witch garden. Hoping I can have one soon!

  2. You will have it soon! too!Blessings!to your future Garden and home!