Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ok today is just not an ordinary Sunday > It is a an amusing Sunday!! Yes those little Muses out there are so busy with their art and having fun!! frosted Petunias Miss AnnaBella. Has these month her give away art, it is call " I hope your dance" . Is a girl holding a balloon on a windy day!! And just I love windy days!!! , they are my favorites . So Today after I got home from Hot yoga class , I went to read my favorite blogs , And I read that today is the DAY!!! so I went to see who was the lucky winner, and guess what? It is ME !!! So happy Sunday, I hope we all dance today I know I will!!! Thanks Anna, your blog is so cute!! Always fun to check others, so please my friends go and visit Anna at Frosted Petunias. Blessed be !


  1. Congratulations Andrea!! That is so awesome!!!

    Many smiles and blessings!!

  2. Thanks I will take a picture !!!Blessings back!