Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kindred Spirits!!!

When I need help I call friends! Last week I got so a wear feeling that it was just eating me up. I call one of most dearest friends so he can just listen to me. I try not to complain as we have being told but it was time to vent!We meet for a nice lunch , and talk and talk for a good time, to find out why I was so " Angry" I have being not just angry but boiling water! . I don't like that feeling it all, and wear things have being around me! , those things !!! My spirits are giving hints hints!!! Being a witch I have energy's that if I get mad something is going to happen! And it does ,I got home the other day so mad about something else in my studio that I just went to clean the house to burn up the feeling!!! I think my spirits said" Wake up girllllll" A Big BIG candle felt down and hit me HARD on my head! I was blank for a few seconds .Didn't know what has just hit me! My formal dinning room is my temple, looks like it and works like my temple! One of the pillar had a huge candle and hit me so hard that thing bounce of the floor them hit some glass beads flower bowl, the noise that blind hit, i just cry ! it was hard enough to, bring me down !!!

But the thing did it I woke up ! I was up and again feeling much better !! sounds crazy but it did a good thing!!! I have being some one else for a while at work not show to the new owner my Witch side! And I have so feeling flat ! not fun not being me!!!

So I'm back . The thing start a few days ago when they set up an altar for a spirit!! They didn't like these spirit!! so they where going to calm him out and tell him to go away!!

That is one of friends I told them ,His name is Angelo and he is a good Angel good spirit !!! And he is one of my helpers ! So here is that thing that is not a Spirit is my assistant!!! So that is the message !! He is that one yearling at me!!!

I sold a Business that was all !! I didn't sell my helpers !! And now they are not welcome there!! HELL no!! I talk to my husband and told him all about Angelo's spirit! He say I don't know much but you do what you always do!!! So I'm going to call his spirit !! And them take him to my home!!! Some one told me that spirits like nice plants and they go and make a place for them in their !! so I'm planning to take a plant for him and chant him to come and stay with me forever!! . I always will take care of him!!! I will them take that plant home and welcome him !!! So all my dear friends out there !Need help !! If you know of any other spell work or ritual please let me know !And so now I'm just mad at myself for I was thinking that these girl was going to like my Spirits!!! I guess some spirits are just for us , our guardians!! I will kick ass on these !! I know , I'm a witch and I got Angelo with me!!I will kick my hells twice and do what I need to do!!!

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  1. You go girl, you need to stick up for your friends, don't matter if they are spirits or flesh. Sure Angelo will settle in to his new home with you.