Monday, February 14, 2011

Witch Garden!

Is a witch garden sometimes !! or a fairies garden's too, or gnomes 1 they are across from the faeries! That is my garden , little and simple. Today I clean up all the weeds the grew with the rain! Cut the roses down! Clean up every bush or dry plant that didn't look good !
My Son Andrei loves gnomes and I love that fairies so we got the both there! I do all the fun things , today I call every Fairy to come and make a nest at my garden !! I imaging they are now getting ready for spring! blooming all those plants ! faeries work very hard , I have seeing them ! at nights I can sit out there and see so many little tiny things flying around the roses !! I see plants moving, owls singing ! my garden is more alive at night, then during the day! I guess is those little creatures don't like to be seeing by any other then me.

Today my job was to clean up an area so the gnomes can put more bird houses! they are having a party tonight those guys out there! I hope they don't cross to faerie land and mess up the girls flowers!! . I put water fountains again! when is cold and rainy is hard to keep with then so just unplug all my things and let every thing just go to sleep! My home lizard is out from his hibernating! he is out and enjoy the window sun! his name is ET , that it was his name at the store so keep it just because fits him so well ! he is from out of space! so nature is out and I'm out there too.Andrei and his friends are out there too putting more castles for the guys at the garden! they come to check how I'm doing in there!There is a Lego building there too! and fake gold coins!!

The air is warm bees are every where at my blooming flowers! Today i was thinking all about the good things in life , love is on the air, kids are outside playing !UPS trucks where at my neighborhood all day delivering flowers and candy's ! , I always get flowers from my honey !! my husband ! I also got a special package's from Anna from her anniversary give away that I won remember!! I got it today! so I got double presents! Thanks to blogs we can find people just like us any where in these world ! Thanks Anna! The painting is at my sewing area so cute! she will remind me of " I hope you dance" and I will , always dance !! now she will keep an eye on my sewing !!

Was a fabulous day I made valentines pancakes for the boys !! Red coloring and choc chip! and other with blueberries yummm!!!, my friend Jesse came these afternoon, to give me some chocolates flowers that she made !! And i feed her some love pancakes! She said is always food at my house ! I love to feed all my visitors! and even if we are skinny we like to eat!!The day was just so beautiful !! Blessed by our Goddess and Faeries and gnomes!


  1. Oh I'd love to see some pics of your fairy and gnome gardens. I inherited my mums fairy garden which is an alpine boarder with wisteria above it and all her fairys live there. Last year I started to plant a new fern border for her collection of gnomes, need to get some more ferns and finish it off this year but hoping the gnomes will like it in their new woodland type home.

  2. Hi Dragonfly! how lucky you are to have then ! I will take some today! my 3 little assistants where putting more thing around ! Faeries love ferns and wisteria are magical plants! Thanks for visiting!