Sunday, February 13, 2011

Red is for love!

Valentines is almost here! Some year I go crazy to make it so much fun for my kids!! I think is mostly the young and little ones who love these day! My kids do boxes at school and decorated fancy so they can put their candy in there, my Daughter now in high school , said they don't make little boxes at her school !! and that makes her sad! . Poor girl!! Making yummy things is so much fun and is a way to honor our little persona in us.

Ritual of bathing our self in red roses! roses that where giving by our Honey! that is all fun , petals, food , water, candles, and candy, be a kid for day and make something meaningful for our love !!So that is why we are what we are! all women are witches!! We all are and I want to share the fancy spell for Valentines day !


1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary flowers

5 tablespoons fresh red roses

1 good bottle good quality red wine,

Poor wine in a glass bowl, stir it and visualize your love and passion and good intentions !!!place it on a window where the sun can warm it and brew it!! strain the potion .You can place back on the bottle or in another fancy bottle. Before pouring warm the goblets by filling them with hot water,you can use you Goddess Vessel and be a little dramatic! have fun creating these witches brew! and never under estimate your powers!Blessed be!

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